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Originally Posted by SynergyPro View Post
Yes that’s interesting! But also track geometry changed... we see less steep angles and longer wheelbases.

the only difference with the Look T20 speed or TT is the handlebar. Geometry is the same and also weight as far as I can tell.both are made of “very high modulus Carbon”.
The T20 has a lot of similarities to the Argon 18 and with a touch under 8000$ is a bargain (still have to source wheels for through axles)
You are right. The current LOOK bikes have the same geometry*. I wasn't up on the latest offerings. Thanks for the correction.

I was referring to the older generation. The LOOK 496 (sprint) and 596 (pursuit):

One neat feature about the new LOOK geometry...they finally have a frame larger than a 56cm TT. Looks like it's 61cm (60.99cm). Nice. Finally. I've been wondering why they haven't done that for years. That's on par with Felt's largest TK.
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