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Originally Posted by staehpj1 View Post
I have no idea how many bikes I own. It is extra complicated for me because some were loaned out long term to my daughter and others haven't been ridden in years. I think if they were all here and it was just me, I'd pare down the list to just a few to free up space. At least I should do that. There are only three that I have ridden in the last two years and I'd consider paring down to ones I actually ride, plus one that I would ride if my daughter didn't have it. I am not sure if the touring bike would make the cut or not since I don't actually ride it any more. If I did keep it, it will probably be for sentimental reasons. I may never need to decide if it doesn't come back from my daughter.
1. My errand bike is parked on my patio, which right now is in the rain. Paid $5 USD for it several years ago, put another $50 of parts and supplies into it to make it functional. It was stored outside for over a decade when I bought it, so I did a heavy coat of frame saver as part of the re-build. I probably use this more often than any other bike, but rarely for more than 3 to 5 miles at a time. 1994 Bridgestone MB-6. Since I am in isolation like everybody else right now, this is an unusual year in that I am not using it much.

2. Heavy touring bike, Thorn Nomad Mk II, Rohloff hub, 26 inch wheels and S&S couplers. This is the bike that I use when I have to haul several weeks of food and plenty of clothing, rated for about 60 kg of weight not counting weight of rider. Worked great for a month in Iceland which included some interior roads that are only rated for 4X4. This was a heavier bike than I needed last summer in Canadian Maritimes for five weeks, but it is my only S&S bike and getting from Madison WI to Halifax NS had complex logistics, the S&S made that much easier.

3. Medium touring bike, Thorn Sherpa, 3X8 drive train, 26 inch wheels. Used this for most of my tours in USA, works great on pavement and on rail trails. Rated for 35 kg excluding weight of rider and I may have had close to this much weight on it a couple times and it handled the weight great. In storage at this time.

4. Light touring. 2017 Lynskey Backroad, 3X8 drive train, 700c wheels, max tire width 37mm with fenders, Titanium. Used on one week long tour that I started and finished at my front door. I often ride this bike around town because I like the bike.

5. Rando bike, 2016 Velo Orange Pass Hunter (rim brake version). 3X8 drive train. Max tire width with fenders is 32mm. I like the feel of this bike and probably put more miles on this so far this year than any other bike. But, I sispect I will not be riding any brevets this year so this probably go in storage soon.

6. Road bike. 2018 Raleigh Grand Prix with Ritchey Break Away system, 10 speed with compact double. 28mm tire width and no fenders. In storage right now, but most years I switch between this bike and the rando bike, one will be in storage and one ready to ride. I did not need another bike, but this showed up on a sale price sale price that I could not pass up, was about two thirds off of MSRP and came with factory warranty. So, bought it.

7. Folding bike, don't use it much, stored in my truck. I did use it a couple years ago for a ACA van supported trip for a week, being a folding bike it was simplest to use this since I flew SW Air and had two free checked bags, I can pack it in an S&S case.

8. In the late 70s or maybe early 80s I bought a very beat up Italian bike that was mostly Campy equipped. Have not ridden it for a couple years because I dislike friction down tube shifters. But I love the feel of the ride on this Columbus silver soldered frame. The Campy rear hub had a date code of 1961. I put a modern triple on it, modern bars and brake levers. Bought a used pair of clicher wheels with a 126mm hub that I can fit in the 120mm frame. I painted it in the 80s and again about 5 years ago. In storage at this time.

I am not counting the three speed with drum brakes that has not rolled since the 90s. I mentioned that above, 650b tire size.

And picked up a hybrid mixte out of the trash one day, that is permanently mounted on an indoor trainer. About five years ago I had shoulder surgery, I needed something for exercise and the surgeon was clear that i was not to get on a regular bike for six months while my shoulder healed. So, it was extreme luck that I found this bike in the trash a few months before it became my sole source of exercise on a trainer for several months. I have never ridden it other than on the trainer, so I am not counting it as one of my bikes. Being a mixte frame, I could easily get on the bike when I only had use of one arm, 1980s vintage Bianche with 3X6 drive train.

I count that as 8 but some people might count it as 10.
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