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I like to play the "least amount of bikes I need" game when the thought of downsizing raises it's head. I have half a garage full of various bikes because I like to rebuild them but don't ride most regularly. Sometimes the number is 5, other times it gets down to 4... but no less!

1. Fixed Gear. An old 27" Apollo converted to 700c that I picked up for $40. Of all my bikes this one fits the best and I really like the simplicity for weekend jaunts. For want of a better word it brings joy just to ride it.

2. Endurance road bike. Lucked out with a deep discount for this 700c model that has some carbon bits and can fit up to 32mm gravel tires. It fills the needs for Rando, light touring and road/gravel rides.

3. Utility/Commuter bike. A 90's era rigid mtb platform that I like to tinker with and use for day to day stuff so I don't wear out my road bike. Probably will end up with a Riv inspired look when done.

4. Fat bike, Off road tourer. In retrospect the 4.5"x26" tires are a bit too much for my needs but the price was too good to pass up at the time and it got me into fat bikes with a decent model I could afford. This is my off road touring and trail bike and, like the FG, just brings joy when riding. One day I will replace it with a 3"x29r model instead. Something like the Surly ECR.

5.Technical MTB. Soon to be my next purchase. Currently I own an old 26" hardtail but time spent on some modern FS bikes has shown me how limiting it is and convinced me a 29r FS trail bike is the way to go. As it is I mostly mtb with the fat bike now.

The big debate in my mind is whether to keep 4 and 5 separate or to combine them into one bike, like a FS 29r capable of 3" tires. For mtb I want FS and not a hardtail but... then debate whether FS would be overkill for an off road touring bike. Also, do I want to trash my off road touring bike by going hard mtbing with it - which is what I am doing now with my fat bike.

None of that is really about marketing hype as much as learning the niches I like to bike in most of the time and finding the bikes that facilitate that the best. Years ago I just owned one bike at a time and tried to do it all with them. That was ok at the time but now I can afford more and don't want to be that limited by my equipment.

When it comes time to replace my endurance bike I might get a custom frame built by taking my FG in and telling the builder to copy it but with better material and to add water bottle and fender bosses where I want. I have always wanted a modern version of the Clubman type road bike which is what a road/light tourer is.

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