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Originally Posted by AL NZ View Post
Tell me, please, Bicycle Repairman, what you know of the Raleigh Tourist.

I bought one here in UK, blue with white head tube, scruffy vinyl Brooks ( ? the low point of Brooks' history), 26" wheels with Westrick rims (very rusty), Sturmey 3 speed (which aint working properly and needs dismantling and cleaning), front dynohub, and all transfers present and "patinated".

So it is pretty original.

And man, is it heavy. I was planning on doing it up but haven't yet.

In 4 months I return to NZ and I am trying to decide whether to ship it home or sell it on

But I am in the early throes of the Disease, and I can still recognise my problem. So I am trying to stop it getting to marriage-threatening proportions, so I may sell it here in UK

All this talk has got me out in the carport to check my hub.

The Trent Tourist has a SW hub, dated 58 6 , so that makes sense.
I bought in off ebay for 40 quid and was told it was in 'good working order', but the gears slip! I have done nothing to it over winter, but was planning on pulling hub apart and cleaning it. But now I have read the negative press about the SW, I am wondering what is the best plan for the old bike

This bike
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