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Originally Posted by Oscuro View Post
Sixty-fiver, there are days when I hate you...You make me want to add a 3-speed to my collection, and I'm trying to save money for other things!
So I probably shouldn't tell you that I went out for another blissful 30 km this afternoon or that the old Sports was the bell of the ball at the critical mass ride...

A younger fellow on a 70's Peugeot was pretty intrigued with the bike and the three speed and didn't know what that shiny steel ring in my hand was until I clipped it on my pant leg... cause if you ride a vintage bike you need a vintage pant clip.

The cog change worked out wonderfully and got to test the low on a short 12% grade and did not even have to get out of the saddle (legs were working good) and in high gear the bike is remarkably fast... I will put that down to a fairly aero position and tyres that roll fast and suck up bumps like they aren't even there.

Like it's sister the Lenton, it climbs very well too.

And the only noise besides the ticking of the hub is the occasional "sproing" from the sprung kickstand when I have hit some really rough stretches.
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