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Originally Posted by gregf83 View Post
Hereís an interesting story on the development of a vaccine for Ebola sounds like it took about 20yrs not 6 months. One problem was Ebola tends to occur sporadically in 3rd world countries so itís difficult to finance the work required to make and test a vaccine.

Covid-19 is obviously more prevalent but financial considerations will still likely play a role in how quickly a vaccine is made available. If it costs in the neighborhood of $1B to bring a vaccine to market, large pharmaceuticals arenít going to participate unless their costs are going to be covered. We could end up with multiple candidates with varying degrees of efficacy. Determining which, if any, make it to market is unlikely to happen quickly.
Seems like a compelling reason to have government labs and NIH-funded academic labs take lead the role. Then contract out its mass-production when the time comes. This should be a Manhattan-project level undertaking. We have an extraordinary army of talent just sitting this thing out, and chomping at the bit to do something productive. The lack of coordination is quite shocking.
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