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Pirelli Cinturato Velo, 26mm: I had high hopes for these tyres. They were easy to mount and seated with just one blast from the air pump. The rubber of the tyres also felt grippy and as far as rides go, the tyres gave a nice comfortable ride. Where I had problems with the tyres is a) they started throwing cords b) a soft spot developed on the tyre after just under 1,000k and Pirelli refused to honour the warranty (although PBK did - good on them!) and the tyres just didn't last. Total life was 4,500k. Now. I had the first gen. tyres and am sure that was part of the problem. On sale/closeout, I might give these tyres a second chance. But with so many tyres out there, it could be a white before I get back to the top of the order. I would recommend them, but with the caveats I've mentioned here.

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