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Veloflex Corsa EVO TLR, 25mm: These are the tyres I am currently running and are my favourites to date. The tyres just feel fast. The ride is comfortable and after just under 3,000k the tyres seem to be holding up just fine. That said, if you have read any reviews of these tyres, they can be a real pain to mount. I read one review where the reviewer had no trouble getting one tyre on the rim and mounted. But the second tyre was a real brute to mount and would not seat. He finally tried to put sealant in the tyre only to have sealant leak all over the place/sidewall before the tyre finally seated/mounted. I had this EXACT same problem. One tyre, no problem. The other tyre caused all kinds of grief to a) get on the rim and then b) to seat. I blasted it REPEATEDLY with the air canister and no go. Eventually I put in some sealant, dealt with the leakage, and FINALLY the tyre seated.

To this day, both of my tyres seem to require more sealant top-ops than any of the other tubeless tyres I've run. I think it's because of the porous nature of the cotton tyre, but I could be wrong.

I really want to purchase another set of these tyres because they roll so nicely. But the problems with mounting and sealant leakage have me holding off on putting my money down.

The tyres I am looking at next are the Michelin Power Road TLR, but again. I've read they are a brute to mount, which is keeping me from just going out and plunking down my hard earned cash. Looking forward to read more reviews here.

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