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Tom's right, I'm just fine. My local internet provider killed my email addresses. Most of their customers weren't using their email sevice anymore so they no longer wanted to be bothered. I kept them for the same reason I keep my landline phone number. Somebody somewhere some time ago picked up one of my brochures or business cards and much later they contact me to see if I'm still teaching framebuilding classes. My even older juno email service still works. <dougfattic [AT] and followed with> Sometimes when I am in Ukraine I needed to use that one so my regular ones didn't get blocked. It is a super nuisance to use. I have to log in online and go through several pages before I can get at them. And it doesn't keep track of emails I send. Fortunately my nephews are coming later next week to clean up the problems in my computer and set me up with gmail.

My last framebuilding class ran several weeks over the normal 3 weeks so I couldn't get to side projects. I wasn't ready to release him into the wild until he was properly prepared to at least practice what he had learned since he wants to make more. Back when I was a high school teacher, I realized that a student not learning was the teacher's failure and the teacher's responsibility to correct. A 2-week class is almost never long enough to adequately give someone a decent start. Of course that depends on their background and skills level. And if they don't catch on fast the teacher finishes the frame for them limiting their time working on frames even more. One of the reasons for doing our charity Ukraine bicycle project was to give students a chance to make a bunch of frames. Covid has certainly put a dent in that project.
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