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OK, Here are a couple, but the photos are about the same vintage as the bikes.
First is the Nishiki Royale I've commented on a couple times. Here shown in western PA en-route eastern PA, with the bags removed due to a rainy day off:

The rear rack was a Cannondale. Very stiff and really adjustable, compared to Blackburns (only thing I knew to compare to back then).

I sold the Nishiki in the fall of 85 in favor of an 84 Trek 620 seen here squared off against a Nishiki Cresta. This pic was taken in either December of 85 or Jan of 86, and both of these bikes went to Nova Scotia and PEI that summer. I replaced the 'dale panniers with some then-NOS Eclipse, which I still have and occasionally use. This was the last year of the 620 without the cast seat lugs, although I think it had the cast lugs on the dropouts.

Here's the Cresta atop Kancamagus pass, shown in company with a stray cyclist who rode along with us for a little bit. He had a very shiny 82 or 83 614 or 620 Trek.

One more... Summer of 87, somewhere in Missouri. Guess what this guy's doing:

I feel really old now.

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