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Originally Posted by Eric F View Post
In reality, nothing. Being "sticky" with another rider doesn't change anything about your effort level. Usually, I don't care. Riders who are doing a structured workout, however, I try to give them space to do their own thing.
It should lower your effort if you're drafting, though last week I found myself in the annoying position of putting out consistently HIGHER w/kg than the guy in front of me who was 'riding' the Canyon Aeroad while I was on the less aerodynamic Ultimate. Plus at 6' I'm taller than average and thus less aerodynamic, so I think that might have been a factor as well. Still, it was annoying to see him putting out 1.3 w/kg in front while I was pushing 1.5 w/kg behind him.

The thing about the structured workout people is they can't draft you, but you can draft them. I don't even know if you show up on their screen (I tend to get a little hyperfocused doing workouts), so I think a lot of riders hitch onto them knowing they'll probably put out a lot of watts and tow them around. Then again, the output is likely to suddenly change, too. You wouldn't follow them IRL because their sudden drop in power would have you riding over them.
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