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Originally Posted by greatscott View Post
sorry but that made no sense. If a cyclist is, for example, taking the lane because it isn't safe to ride to the far right, doesn't make the cyclist an elitist, the cyclist is following the rules of the road when they are doing that, just as a horse and buggy can take the lane even though they will impede traffic, the law states we can do that because we are treated as if we are driving a car; now if there is space to the right where we can ride safely then we need to do that because the law says we are suppose to ride as far right as possible and safely can do so. An elitist is a cyclist who breaks laws that pertain to them but think they are above the law and can do whatever they damn want and to hell with whatever the motorists think. I'm a Californian, but I'm not a self righteous liberal who thinks we all should be on bikes and lets burn the cars to save the planet because I hate cars, I own both bikes and cars, and I like to use both. And since I do drive a car and ride bikes I see a lot more cyclists abusing laws that put them into danger then I do seeing cars doing the same thing percentage wise, get what I said, percentage wise.
You mean you didn't understand it? I will answer any legitimate question regarding my point if you need further clarification. As to your point, its an emotional one, and one that I have not intention of debating.
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