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(Note: I am not allowed to post URLs, so I have modified the URLs below. Hopefully, you can reconstruct the original URLs by removing the whitespaces.)

I found myself with the same problem as Richbiker. I have a 25-year old Husky floor pump which progressively wore down, eventually leaking so much air that I couldn't use it anymore. Both the Schrader and Presta washers were worn out. I emailed the manufacturer, and received a nice reply from Zefal. They said that they no longer make the replacement rubber washers for this model. They recommended replacing the entire hose with a Z-Switch Connector (https :// It is listed on their website for about 10 Euros. The only US supplier that I could find was on Amazon for $62. I wasn't willing to pay that much for a hose, so I tried to fix this some other way.

For the Preta adapter (which fits in front of the Schrader thumblock), Zefal describes the replacement part as "Presta adaptor with chain" (http ://, which is listed for 4.90 Euros. Unfortunately, I could not find a US retailer for this part. However, I did find the rubber washer that fits inside this adapter on Amazon (https :// for $4.38 + $4.49 shipping. It is slightly tight initially, but after a few uses, it seems to work quite well.

For the leaking Schrader washer, I hacked it. I found some old replacement washers for the Zefal HPX frame pump in my storage box, I think this is called the "Zefal Husky Schrader Valve Washer with Thumblock" on Amazon (https ://, going for $2.70 + $4.49. This replacement kit for the HPX pump comes with 2 washers, one of them is a Schrader washer that is almost a match for the Husky floor pump. It is just a little too long. I fixed that problem by taking a kitchen knife and slicing off maybe 1 mm off the bottom end of the washer (the end facing the pump, not the bike valve). And what do you know, it works!

I now have a 25 year old Husky floor pump that no longer leaks air. Total cost of repair, around $8 for me (around $15 if I had to buy both washers). Hope this helps.

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