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While looking up the SKS and Silca parts mentioned, I came across this "SKS Rennkompressor QC2183 Head with Hose for Bicycle Pump" (https :// part on Amazon for $16. It looks exactly like the pump head for the Zefal Husky floor pump. The description says "Fits SKS Rennkompressor pumps. Fits Zefal Husky pumps that were produced by SKS only". I'm wondering if my Zefal Husky floor pump was actually made by SKS.

I also found these rubber washers:

* SKS Schrader Rubber Washer Replacement For #2371 Floor Pump Spare Parts (https :// "Will also fit Zefal husky pumps with dedicated schrader pump heads produced by SKS"

* SKS Presta Rubber Washer Replacement For #2371 Floor Pump Spare Parts (https :// "Pump Model: Rubber Washer for PV Adaptor"

They seem like a match for the vintage Zerfal Husky floor pump, but it's impossible to know until someone tries them.
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