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Racing with knee replacement

After a number of injuries and surgeries I'm now faced with the recommendation to have a knee replacement surgery. I had my meniscus fixed a few months ago but it didn't help that much and the orthopedic surgeon says my ACL and PCL are too far gone to rebuild

anything standing start or a serious out of the saddle effort has been impossible for a couple of years

I realize there are probably other areas on the forum to get a broader response, but this group has a better grasp on a track training program that entails both on the bike training combined with a lot of work in the gym

so, - does anybody in here have any knowledge of anybody who's been able to successfully complete after having such a procedure?

The doc states that a bike is a valuable rehab tool and i should be able to recover and resume "biking" as he calls it. But im obviously not talking about rolling up the right pants leg a bit and swinging a leg over a cruiser to go get an ice cream cone with my sweetie, (Although thats a nice thought too) Im talking an actual return to racing and im not sure my doctor gets that

sheesh- im only 48
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