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Originally Posted by Xclr8 View Post
Bought this computer about 2 months ago. Any tips and or tricks to fully unlock its potential? I know the basics but, I feel like there is so much more capabilities that I could and might want to use. BTW - I have a 500 mile coming up in two weeks and will be using this for GPS as well as general ride info. Thanks
Garmin has transformed cycling for me both from a data collection perspective but most importantly the on bike navigation capabilities. Numerous tours throughout North America, Europe and South East Asia it has proven invaluable. My advice is to take it one feature at a time and work through the device. Data Page setup, Live Track, Basic Navigation, Route Generation, Garmin Connect and donít forget the installable apps some of which are in readily useful. If your budget allows I strongly recommend the Varia Radar as well.
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