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Originally Posted by WhyFi View Post
Yeah, I run in to that, or something similar, every once in a while. In particular, there's this one stretch of road that Strava thinks is impassable, so when I'm creating the route that runs through there, it'll recommend a different way and won't be overridden. IRL, I just ride the way that I want to go and meet back up with the plotted route a mile or so down the line. That mile is peppered with suggestions to make u-turns and various re-routes, though - a pain in the butt if you're at a good spot in an audiobook.
I had that once a very long time ago in Strava while trying to create a route. Well maybe not quite the same but similar. I think it was because the road next to it was a one-way road yet the bike path paralleling it was two way. However I was able to create that route on RWGPS. Funny how one got it right and the other didn't. Or perhaps it's that RWGPS had time to look at some previous complaints and fixed it.
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