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Originally Posted by WhyFi View Post
Yeah, I run in to that, or something similar, every once in a while. In particular, there's this one stretch of road that Strava thinks is impassable, so when I'm creating the route that runs through there, it'll recommend a different way and won't be overridden. IRL, I just ride the way that I want to go and meet back up with the plotted route a mile or so down the line. That mile is peppered with suggestions to make u-turns and various re-routes, though - a pain in the butt if you're at a good spot in an audiobook.
When that happens, if you're using RWGPS, you simply switch to "Draw Lines," then once over the difficulty, switch back to Driving or Cycling. I do that a lot. So it's really simple - don't draw your course in Strava! If I did like you say, the group would fire me.
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