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I know it is a bit late in the thread but not so bad that it is a Zombie but I do like the front loaders more and more as I ride them. I have been riding the R+M Load and Packsters for quite a while and the Load is really fantastic. My boss has a daughter and she frequently is in the shop and we usually take a little ride after work and she loves the front loader as she can see everything I can see her and it is fun to ride. I have also taken one laden with cargo a bunch and it is nice to be able to throw stuff in and go plus the Load has a lockable box as an option so I can carry kids or cargo and if I need to make a stop but don't want to have to carry everything I can lock it in the box like a car trunk.

Certainly though a long or mid tail does ride more like a regular bike. If you are limited on space the Tern GSD or HSD is perfect and rides quite well and the new ones are so much improved to carry more cargo more efficiently and you can finally get one in Rohloff E-14 for the ultimate driving machine.

Once you ride E-14 it is tough to want to ride something else on an e-bike. Coming to a stop and it automatically shifting down for you is a revelation in urban mobility as most of the time we probably forget to do it in time and are left huffing and puffing instead of starting easy and if the gear we have it set to is not right we can shift it at any time including while pedaling. Plus it is built on the super robust Rohloff hub which will last and last and last.

I would not want a tricycle everyone I have ridden aside from maybe some of the recumbent stuff is just so clunky and hard to ride. Steering can be quite a nightmare on some of them and I have gotten them on two wheels more than enough times. Plus many of those that I have seen or ridden use pretty bad motors but I am sure in Europe someone is doing it with a Bosch motor but even still they aren't so much fun to ride except on maybe flat level ground.
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