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Built up this LWB e-cumbent with underseat and rear rack; drilled out a Radical Design trailer hitch to fit over the 12mm axle. Dual Bafang 500W hub drives provide generous torque and traction.

Because the whole system is modular, can choose whatever panniers best suit any errand and even swap out trailers. Fits a 48Q cooler in the QuikPak; currently converting 48 and 24 gallon Rubbermaid Action Packers with a Wike DIY kit and the remains of a Burley Nomad. (And Burley offers kiddie trailers as well so nobody gets left out!)

Winter, transfer the batteries to a compact thermal chest in the trailer. So their mass is still kept low and there’s room for even more crap in the blue underseat buckets.

Actually in the process now of throwing together another one of these, only based on the original model with 20” front wheel. Will get some old ER chopper bars, which are about half a foot narrower than the RANS 3-way adjustables on the current setup. Together, will allow mounting of a front fairing reaching from the grips down to the cranks. Should offer enough protection from the elements to allow riding in freezing conditions — at least for short periods. Yes I am a wuss.
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