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I've had the Edge 1030 Plus for a few weeks. For me it replaces my Edge 820, which I intend to list on eBay when I get around to it. I didn't get the bundle version, because I already have a speed sensor, cadence sensor, HRM, and remote that transferred over from the 820 easily.

Some things I've noticed, mostly good:

The battery lasts longer than the 820. I never ran the 820 down on a ride either, but the 1030 Plus lasts longer, still.

Battery burn-down is no longer displayed in Garmin Connect app on Android devices. I used to be able to see a battery drainage chart on my phone after uploading a ride. Since switching from the 820 to the 1030 plus, I don't get that graph anymore. And it really doesn't matter; the device already shows its battery level, and it lasts (according to specs and reviews) 24 to 48 hours on a charge.

Navigation and routing / recalculating is much faster than the 820.

Recalculation of routes is kinder now. I don't get the persistent U-turn beeps. Now I get to decide how I will return to the course. Along the same lines, it's nice being able to pause navigation when I willfully deviate from the course.

The display looks paler indoors than the 820, but outdoors, even riding at night, it's very visible and looks good.

The maps now include a lot more: broader geographical coverage, plus features like topographical contour lines are available. TrailForks is nice too.

The touch screen works great. On the 820 it works well enough, even with full-finger gloves. But on the 1030 Plus it is more responsive (thanks to the faster processor), more sensitive, and works better in the rain.

The mount on the back side of the GPS is a more appropriate material; less prone to wear and deforming. On my 820 I noticed one of my bike's brackets was causing a little wear on the Edge's mount point. On the 1030 Plus I can tell the plastic (or whatever it is) isn't as soft.

One of my biggest pet peeves with the 520, 520+, and 820 was that plugging in a power charger would cause the GPS to turn on. This was unnecessary, and actually caused me to discover a drained battery a couple of times. I was always having to repeat the process of plugging in the GPS, then turning it back off again. Unplugging it would turn it on again, too. With the 1030 plus, this doesn't happen anymore. I can plug it in to charge and unplug it without it turning itself on.

The screen size is nice, compared to the smaller units. Better map clarity, and better data field visibility.

The weather widget is different from the one on the 820. I haven't gotten used to it yet. I think the 820 may have a slight edge in showing more information without scrolling. But the 1030 Plus shows more information than the 820 if you scroll.

The 1030 Plus may actually be useful for things like hiking and skiing. I'm still experimenting with it for alternate uses, but it seems more versatile.
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