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Checking in on the Michelin Power Road TLR in 28mm - I've got about 700 miles on 'em now (bite me - it's been an up and down spring ).

First, the bad:

The rear tire did take what I call a Goldilocks puncture - one that's too big for sealant alone but not big enough to total the tire. It was about the same size as the other times/tires that I've experienced Goldilocks punctures - about 1/4", which seems to be about the limits of Orange Seal. I popped in a knotted bacon strip and pumped the tire back up. It held fine and I've left it in for now, just to see if/when it'll fail. It's been about 150 miles, now. If/when the bacon strip blows out, I'll internally patch the tire (assuming it has some decent tread life left).

And the good:

These things hold air like a champ. They're my first tire, tubed or tubeless, where I haven't felt compelled to top 'em off before every ride.

I don't know if there's such a thing as a break-in period for tires, but these things are feeling more supple the last couple of weeks. My initial impression was that they were meaningfully less supple than the Schwalbe POEA, but they seem to be getting closer - the little thumps of seams and cracks have dulled, whereas they felt pretty stiff before. And this isn't just when I'm rolling out without topping them off, either - even when pumped up to my reference pressure (a little less than 60 up front, a little more than 60 on the rear) they feel better than they did 500 miles ago.

Still a lot of debris on the roads, but it's getting better, so I've felt out the grip a little more. So far, so good - pretty confidence inspiring thus far.

They still feel like they roll pretty easily, but that's only based on my uncalibrated ass-o-meter.

All in all, they're looking like a solid tire as long as I get decent mileage out of them.
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