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My issue is closely related so I figured I'd post it here - I don't mean to hijack this thread but add to the conversation

Anyways, I'm 160 cm / 5'3" -ish in height with a <70 cm / 27 & 9/16" inseam (from ground, no shoes). Now to the important stuff that's body proportions: according to my signifigant other, I've got a "confusingly long" torso, and I think my arms are a bit long too in relation to my legs and my height.

Bikes I've ridden (extensively/recently):
Kona Bike -10, 15,5": frame felt too long and too low.
Late 80's Schwinn Impact, seat tube something like 48 cm / 19", standover (have to check) could not be any higher or I'd risk crushing my groin.
Mercier mixte (late 70's): something like 52 cm seat tube, 53 cm effective top tube, about an inch of saddle post showing. It's a step-through so things are a bit different.

Bike size calculators give me wildly varying estimates ranging from 46cm to 51 cm so go figure.


Right now I'm considering building a new bike once again (because it's fun, like Legos for adults!). I'm looking into this beautiful Jourde in size 49 cm

or a cheap Bianchi Spillo Viola (women's hybrid from the nineties) similar to the one in the pic below. According to the seller the seat tube is around 46 cm. This one's got a bit of rust damage (non-driveside seatstay split due to water freezing inside, also possible rusted through??) so I'm not sure if it can be made safe within reasonable costs.

I'm also building the wheels for a 650B conversion, but I'm not sure if either of the prospective candidates would allow for that. What I DO know is that the Mercier mixte mentioned above has too much BB drop and the 26" Schwinn wouldn't have space for 40mm 650B tires (while also being obnoxiously heavy lowtier 4130 MTB).

Guess I have to admit I kinda lost the point halfway through this post ;D Being the procrastinator that I am, I'm writing this manic rant to postpone writing some VERY urgent schoolwork.
Anyway,if you bothered reading this far, it would be interesting to hear what some of you have to say about these hesitant considerations
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