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I could be wrong but I don't think 5'2" is especially short' for a woman. It isn't tall. Of course. But women come MUCH shorter than 5'2". I know three. The shortest is 4'11" and her road bike has 700C wheels. I know another that is 5'0" and I just set up her 49cm Trek with a Terry Falcon XX saddle and it was about bottomed. But not having sufficient leg extension means the saddle should be higher. I'm sure other posts are saying this. Crank forward design allows flat footing stops. An earlier post mentioned tandems. I skimmed. I don't think a tandem is a bad idea but since the o.p. GF 'can' ride a bike, she should at least have a bike that works even if a tandem is considered. My DW (blind) cannot ride except on a tandem. Incidentally, I set her saddle 25.5" above the centerline of the bottom bracket. She is just over 5'5". I saw a poster around that height refer to themselves as short. I don't think my wife considers herself especially short. She towers over her mother and sister. Maybe it's a relative thing?
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