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Originally Posted by Richbiker View Post
OMG People . . . .
I'm still using the SAME Zefal Husky pump, which works fine, except for the leaking valve head. I've nursed it along all these years; perhaps I found a way to keep the worn out parts going, or at least not leaking so much.
So I go to google the same problem, and turn up this thread; I read through stuff, scroll up and back a couple of times only to discover ... I STARTED this dang thread!
Thanks for your replies. I will try to use the links you provided. My employers distributer may have the right parts. COVID has caused a lot of parts shortages, as I'm sure youo all know. This shouldn't be so hard , but the bike industry is just terrible at standards for doing the same thing that fits the same size (like it shouldn't be that hard to replace the rubber seals; it shouldn't be that hard to replace the entire head; or it shouldn't be that hard to replace the entire hose). But ... IT IS!

I will give credit to Zefal though ... the Husky has just lasted forever ( I bought it thru Bike Nashbar probably in 1989). No leaks through the barrel or hose, except for the valve head. Meanwhile, my company buys pumps from major brands that cost just as much and they are total crap-- too much plastic, and too much leaking between the barrel, hose and valve).
Oddly enough, my Zefal Husky pump (purchased around 1990) has a leaking head and I am pondering a fix. I've tried to find a new seal for it, but no dice so far. I thought I was being dumb, and maybe I am, but at least I am not alone. I though about buying a new pump, but the pump is solid in every other way after all these years.

If I do get a new pump, it probably won't be a Zefal. As best as I can tell, the current Zefal company is a mere shadow of it's old self.

Edited to add: Wait, did I just find an adapter chuck that will solve my problem??:

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