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Originally Posted by utoner34 View Post
I am looking for me next touring bike. What are your opinion on this bike? Good / bad points? Personally I am thinking of changing HYRD brakes calipers with sypre since I dont need hydraulic.

Recently I realized I am not the biggest most fan of touring bikes geometry. I wish I could find a streel bike with geometry similar to gravel bikes. I spent this summer riding a gravel bike (Nuroad Pro) for along time and with a lot of luggage (not for a cross continent but still a lot) and I never had any issues with handling or comfort. What I dont like with most touring bikes it their too relaxed riding position, which is supposed to make them more comfortable (makes sense on long journeys) but the compromise is that they fell very slow and I dont like climbing with them. If I want more comfortable bike I would just add more upright stem while still retaining more "racy" geometry.

What are jour thoughts?
Looks like a capable bike. The two concerns I have are the short chain stays might cause heel strike with panniers and without knowing the geography of where you tour, 30X36 gearing might be a little high for a fully loaded bike on long climbs
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