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Originally Posted by Rooni View Post
Hi all,

Thanks to everyone for all of their advice so far! It has been heeded and I am seeing improvements with a PB on max power every week for the past three weeks (now 1712W), becoming more comfortable and confident on the track and weights going up.

I am now looking for some advice on bikes. My question is, are you better off buying a standard aluminium or steel frame and spending on the components or is it better off getting the best frame you can afford with big standard/factory components?

My current options are either a Dolan Pre Cursa frame, Dolan TC1 frame or Moda Forte frame and then spending on the spec:
  • Shimano Dura Ace Bottom Bracket
  • Shimano Dura Ace Crank Set
  • Shimano Dura Ace Chain Ring
  • Mavic Ellipse Wheel Set
  • Alpina Carbon Sprint Bars
  • Izumi Track Chain
  • Saddle, etc.

OR for the same total price as any of the frames plus components listed above, purchase a Boardman TRK 9.2 2019 complete bike, (apologies, i do not have 10 posts yet so cant post link)?

As stated in a previous post I am 187cm, 90kgs and hoping to compete in sprint disciplines.

Any advice is much appreciated!

Until you really know you're a sprinter, any one of those frames will be fine. Seeing as you're in the UK, I would be looking around for one of those Hoy bikes/frames

When I got my first track bike, I researched the hell out of stuff, and I ended up getting a 2nd hand bike that had lots of nice bits on it already. I still have the DA cranks and DA hub/aerohead wheelset 11yrs later, although I moved on to a Vision crankset last year. So in saying that, I'd get the frame and get those nice bits (except the Mavics as a lot of people have issues with their rear wheel). Don't sweat the wheelset, because as soon as the bug bites and you buy some nice race wheels, they will just become a training set. Don't worry about sealed hubs either. They're not as fancy as DA ball bearings, but they can roll every bit as nicely and they are cheap to replace with a high quality set.

Once you get some funds together and time in racing, you will know what kind of fit you want for your next bike frame, and just keep the parts you want to carry over and get something that ticks hopefully all your upgrade boxes!
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