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Originally Posted by burnthesheep View Post
I posted that in the wrong topic, oops.

Anyways, digging more. The person who had my HED's had filled the latex tubes with sealant. It just came out all over when I fully removed everything. The tube was also stuck to itself in spots.

So, that's possibly even worse. A latex tube doesn't hold shape when not always inflated. If it ever deflated hardly at all, it would have stuck to itself! Geeee whiz man.

People have been warned about doing this to latex. You could do it right before an A event and then toss the tubular or latex tube in the trash after one use. But, soon as the latex tube loses air/shape and the sealant does its're effed.
I only use latex for me, wife, tandem and junior racing (since on this forum maybe 50 tubes?). Although now Junior's on his own, he doesn't like to pump, so he rides normal clinchers, that black rubber stuff (just won the first collegiate ITT on them).

Pre-filling latex with sealant is something I don't do. Some sport director helper thought it would be a nice thing to do to fill my kid's (I bought) custom made silks with sealant without asking. That did not go over so well.
Anyway, I do ride with Stan's, a valve remover and will use it only when needed. Sealant seems to be good for about a year. Resealing/adding more after it dries just does not work.

The flats you get vary a bit by region. Wire cuts, Goat Head thorns, small glass cuts are sealed easily - after the fact and you can turn the tire to just the right spot.
Kid can ride a couple years in CO without a flat if he stays out of the city. I get Goat Head thorn flats. Pretty much, I have become resigned to that.
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