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Wherein the bear went over the mountain, pursued by peacocks...

I had bailed on getting to the top of the hill on Peacock Farm Road the last time I was out there, and was curious about what I'd find. It being the 21st Century and all, I got a few hints from Mr. Google, and decided to go see for myself this afternoon. After all, it was a fine day for a ride, sunny, breezy, and one of the several perfect temperatures for pedaling in circles. I ended up riding a 10-mile loop that climbed Peacock Farm Road, went over the hill to the East Lexington ridge that lies between Mass. Ave. and Route 2, and finished with a fast descent through Arlington Heights, much of it on Appleton Street; this last had a large wheee!!! factor. Mass. Ave. served its usual back-and-forth function.

I paused at the Robbins Cemetery on Mass. Ave. If a boneyard can be said to be intimate, this is it.

Climbing Peacock Farm Road, which goes snaking up the hill. The architectural idiom of the houses is consistent right to the top.

Over the crest of the hill, and Peacock Farm Road becomes Baker Ave., still in Lexington but a different gestalt, like going from Oz back to Kansas.

Took Bennett Ave. to Tarbell Ave. (every street is an avenue in that neighborhood), and used Southerland Woods to cross from Lexington's parcel of the ridge to Arlington's, which have no road connection.

The Arlington passage through the fence seems to be a trifle informal. Narrow, but the bike fit.

This put me on Udine Street, Arlington, the beginning of a series of brisk descents that got me home in a trice.


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