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Another afternoon with better than anticipated weather had me out on the Surly Trucker DeLuxe again, up to Lexington Center and back on Mass. Ave.

Mass. Ave. and Appleton Street, always a caution, turned deadly this week. The guy standing across the street arrived on a bicycle, and appeared to be gathering traffic data.

East Lexington: it's Spring, anyway.

Turned around at Depot Square, Lexington, just to give an identity to the turnaround point. In the process, I found that the Yangtze River restaurant is gone, probably for years. That was my "third place" during a period of my professional life, decades ago now. It seems odd that it's gone, and even odder that I didn't notice.

Speaking of third places, I read recently that Toraya in Arlington has lost its lease and closed April 30th. Seems the landlord is going to knock the building down and build a vile enormity. May he suffer a case of galloping eczema, and may the Toraya folks find another restaurant space, preferably in Arlington.


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