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Originally Posted by rholland1951 View Post
Another afternoon with better than anticipated weather had me out on the Surly Trucker DeLuxe again, up to Lexington Center and back on Mass. Ave.


Mass. Ave. and Appleton Street, always a caution, turned deadly this week. The guy standing across the street arrived on a bicycle, and appeared to be gathering traffic data.


That's almost certainly Tom, the admin of a cambridge bike facebook group. We are a small large community, or a large small community. This hurts.

Originally Posted by Charlie Proctor's brother
Charlie was killed last night, just nineteen days before his twenty-eighth birthday. He was a kind, adventurous man who spread his joy and zest for life to everyone he knew.

Charlie loved the outdoors. Winters he could always be found in the mountains, backcountry skiing and ice climbing, and summers bicycling, climbing, and sailing. He spent his last birthday on mount Denali, climbing the Kasin ridge. Charlie loved sharing his passion with those he loved. He was always pushing us to push our own limits and exit our comfort zones. He was always encouraging, caring, and loving in his support. We have heard from countless friends of his telling of the adventures that he took them on that they never would have embarked on without his encouragement.

Charlie worked at Architectural Engineers, Inc. He had just achieved his Professional Engineer certification, and had worked on HVAC building designs on projects around the Boston area, including Logan airport the Tufts University library, and the Worcester tourist center.

Charlie was killed at the corner of Appleton Street and Massachusetts Avenue in Arlington, just ten minutes away from his home in Somerville. It is a busy, four way forked intersection. The only traffic control is four flashing yellow lights which did nothing to protect him as a driver turned left though the fork and hit him head on. We visited the scene of the crash this afternoon, where a resident told us that crashes at this intersection are a chronic problem.

The family hopes that effective traffic control can be installed at this intersection, so that no others need to suffer through the grief and terror that we have. He is survived by his parents, Ched and Judy Proctor, his brother Tom, sister-in law Sandra Voss, his girlfriend Alison Piasecki, and many cherished friends.
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