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Originally Posted by RandomlyWest View Post
Seen this article? May be worth a look.

Thank you. This is exactly something of what I was looking for. Not recreate the wheel and now I instantly have a visual locked in.

This is interesting...I wonder how many folks know this, take advantage of this, or actually do this exactly.

So technically, I should be coming down out of Alaska right about now and entering back in the mainland. I actually want to do this. I can either find a cheap way up with my stuff and gear and catch it where I should be and just start following it, or I can create my own path for the remainder of this year, doing something similar in that region, but looping back around and connecting back up with it by October 1, and then following it out for the remainder of this year, into next year. That will allow me to fully acclimate, see the U.S. like I wanted, and then I will be so adjusted to it I can do the rest of the world if still wanting to.

Thank you for this.
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