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I don't think the OP ever said anything about wanting to emigrate from the USA or desiring to work.

Also, "as close to the equator as possible" isn't a good plan, either, given what the OP wrote. I've toured in equatorial areas, and the heat and humidity is usually pretty bad, generally worse than the southeastern USA in the summer. The OP has stated he wants to avoid that. OTOH, I've toured in northern Thailand and northern Laos in January/February, and the weather is nearly ideal for touring during that period and meets the OP's stated requirements. The northern parts of those 2 countries are sufficiently far from the equator that for 3 months of the year (Dec-Feb), the temperatures are much cooler than the rest of the year which is typically uncomfortably hot & humid. Dec-Feb is also the dry season in northern Thailand & Laos. I've toured in places near sea level closer to the equator such as central Thailand & Malaysia, and it's hot & humid year-round unless you're at altitude. The Yucatan in Mexico is another area that's far enough from the equator that it has comfortable temperatures from Dec. to Feb., but is very hot & humid the rest of the year. Central Mexico also has pretty good touring weather during the North American winter, too. Although I toured in Colombia (which is close to the equator) this past Jan/Feb, I was always at altitude (between 5,000 ft/1600m & 9,000 ft/2700m), so the temperature wasn't exceedingly hot. If I had chosen to ride in a couple of deep valleys in Colombia, then I would have had very hot & humid equatorial conditions. I preferred the mountain scenery, though it was very challenging riding at times.
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