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Originally Posted by mstateglfr View Post
Yes. Allegedly.

Like allegedly you're a real human being, typing on a computer, out in hyperspace somewhere, allegedly in control of your own life and will too.

Allegedly the sun came from the big bang...allegedly.

Where did the big bang come from?

Allegedly, they tell me there is a Europe too.

Obviously you haven't seen the blip in the matrix. You still believe it's real.

So allegedly, you are real in control of your own free will in the matrix, but the sun isn't. So you subscribe to a philosophy of things and accept them as ultimate truth, because they told you to...allegedly.

And allegedly, you want me to believe that, and if I don't, you will have some mean things to say, tell me how wrong I am, or try to shame me in some way because you say so. (not saying any of this with attitude or argumentative kind of thing...just from a philosophical point of view for reference)

There is no way for me to win in the conversation, so what would you like me to say?

I don't believe the sun is anymore real then you are, Betty down the block, or really anything for that matter other than what I experience. Just about everything we believe today, we won't in 1000 years. They will think you are idiots and cavemen in just about every capacity. So why do you want me to believe what you will say on the matter (or anyone) is matter of fact?

Next you will be telling me that we die one day too....

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