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Originally Posted by burnthesheep View Post
I posted that in the wrong topic, oops.

Anyways, digging more. The person who had my HED's had filled the latex tubes with sealant. It just came out all over when I fully removed everything. The tube was also stuck to itself in spots.

So, that's possibly even worse. A latex tube doesn't hold shape when not always inflated. If it ever deflated hardly at all, it would have stuck to itself! Geeee whiz man.

People have been warned about doing this to latex. You could do it right before an A event and then toss the tubular or latex tube in the trash after one use. But, soon as the latex tube loses air/shape and the sealant does its're effed.
So is the solution to just not use sealant with latex? That's what I do, but my latex tubed wheels (tubular and clincher) are race-only.
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