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Originally Posted by NeilGunton View Post
I know you mentioned the Ratings, but are you also aware of the different ways that page can be presented? A lot of people don't mess with the little form at the top of that page, that allows you to select what you want to see, by what rating, and ordered latest first, or by score. Ordering by score is interesting, because it gives you the "greatest hits" for that rating. For example, here are the journals with the highest 'great read' scores:

And here are the highest rated pics on crazyguyonabike:

And the funniest forum posts, etc:

I think this is about as close as you're going to get to a consensus-driven recommendation system, because the ratings are entirely driven by the community. If a lot of people have rated a journal as 'great read', then it's probably worth a look.

Hope that helps,

Thanks much, Neil. That is very helpful too.
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