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Originally Posted by obrentharris View Post
You must be much younger than I am. It would give me some hope if your timeline were correct but if you Google "Tommy Simpson" or "Jaques Anquetil" and you will find that doping has been prevalent in professional cycling since long before the early nineties.
In cycling when I say doping I'm referring mostly to the introduction on a team basis with the availability of the relatively new drug EPO. The cycling team-wide use of EPO that we know about started in the early nineties as did the modern systemic doping using the combo regimen of EPO, anabolic steroids, blood doping, and transfusions. Before that, yes cyclists going back many decades were always trying something, most of which didn't work.

With track and field, it was mostly anabolic steroids, especially for athletes in disciplines such as sprints and shotput, we are talking seventies onward. The EPO usage came along about the same time as cycling.
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