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Originally Posted by 63rickert View Post
If you have an OEM post on the 58 Paramount it is most likely a Titan. At least Wastyn was very fond of them. Top section of those was slightly larger. Most saddle clamps use a 15mm nut. With a Campy peanut butter wrench it is a hard push. Might try a regular automotive box end spanner.
Its chrome steel Schwinn branded original, it had an older not original open nose Brooks Pro with Brooks clamp that is rock solid, I put a couple hundred miles on it before I changed it.

A 15mm is sloppy on it, pretty sure its Whitworth or BS, maybe just poorly sized, I have several very good Cresent's that work good to get a good bite that I used on the 58 but they are at their limit on this. I'm a lifelong tech/mechanic and have more tools than sense including dozens of wrench's, none are a proper fit so far.

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