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Originally Posted by queerpunk View Post
Just popped some 36cm bars on my track bike. It's surprising how natural they feel. I think I'll need a longer stem though.
Originally Posted by kings run east View Post
I couldn't get mine to feel completely dialed until I put on a 130mm stem.
Originally Posted by Godsight View Post
Trad bend bar have longer reach compared to more compact bar like the SL70 so it make sense to run a longer stem to compensate for the shorter reach.

I received the Vision track crankset, it comes with single length chainring bolt but they require a T30 torx key (a 4mm allen key can work but be careful) and the nut is the spinny type. Good thing I already planned the dura-ce chainring knurled bolts.
One of my math major friends in college worked out a formula for adjusting stem length to keep the same total extension fit different width bars. He used it primarily for MTB bars, but it should be just as applicable to road bars as well.

For most proportions, the stem length goes up by 1cm as the bars get 2cm narrower, and vice versa.
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