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None of the recent series I'd like to watch are available yet on Amazon Prime, so I've been re-watching The X-Files in syndication. I watched the entire series, start to finish when it originally aired and never missed an episode (although I had to set up the VCR a few times). And I've rewatched every episode at least three times over the years, although the last time I watched was a decade ago.

I'm surprised how well it holds up now. It doesn't feel dated at all. Can't say that about some shows I enjoyed in the first run, but which didn't hold up well over time (such as Miami Vice).

If anything some of the episodes are more relevant now than ever, particularly the political, cultural and superstition oriented stories. In some respects it seems as if today's obsession with paranoid conspiracies was actually instigated by The X-Files, with people who don't realize they're simply reinventing X-Files plots... which themselves were derived from, inspired by or lifted outright from earlier generations of conspiracy theories, and myths about UFOs.
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