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Originally Posted by chewybrian View Post
Ahem. I take it we forgot to put the guard on... Well, kid, guess it's a good time for your temporary monkship since you already look the part!

(Former partner and I once decided I would cut his hair at home since he just did a buzz cut. So we bought some clippers. I did the cut and we couldn't figure out why it looked so bad. He was livid {"OMG, Kat, I can't go to work looking like this, OMG, what am I going to do??"}. After examining the clippers, we discovered that the guard didn't always go on all the way unless you push really hard and make sure it's all the way on, so I'd been cutting his hair in two slightly different lengths all over his head {the clippers would clog up with hair, I'd take the guard off and clear it, and put it back-- sometimes it would go all the way back on, sometimes it would be a few mm from "all the way on" and I wouldn't realize because I'd just push it on until it stopped, without thinking I needed to check}. Once we knew this "quirk" it was smooth sailing and I just always looked carefully when replacing the guard, but he still never quite trusted me after that...)

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