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SRAM AXS 56/43 dimensions related issue

I have a Parlee Altum rim frame in small, Di2 (6870) that I run with a Shimano 7800 56/39 chainrings (and with an 11-xx cassette in the back). It fits fine, and works totally fine. Zero issues whatsoever.

I am curious about SRAM's AXS 56-43 with a 10-xx cassette in the back. However, because the Shimano 7800 with the 56t big ring fits/works fine with the 6870 front der, is it reasonable to assume that the SRAM AXS 56/43 with its crank, and front der will fit/work fine?

I do know for the SRAM 56/43 that the upper fixation bolt height is 162.5, and the lower fixation bolt height is 154.5 (center of BB to center of fixation bolt on fd). Sure, I could remove my 7800 crank, and then measure as best I can -- I don't have a super-precise measuring device (but could get one) -- the distance from the middle of the BB to the middle of the bolt. But, before doing that, thought I'd ask here for your expert thoughts, such as
- if the Shimano 7800 56t works, then sure, the SRAM 56t big ring should work fine, or
- yup, I've seen SRAM 56t big ring on an altum, and it works fine, or,
- it depends, here are some other factors that need to be considered....

I'm also happy to be pointed in the direction of specs that would help me assess things before I buy parts.

Thank you.
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