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Weird Zwift Experience

So I haven't been Zwifting a ton this season, the fall is a busy time for yard work and then I was away earlier this month so just haven't got in my usual Zwift rhythm. I'm getting on maybe 1/week and every time I do, I have a software update which seems to always lead to some kind of problem with my ride. Not sure whether I need to restart my system afterwards to avoid this or just bad luck.

So last night I jumped on the bike to have a quiet spin to get rid of the sore legs from playing hockey the night before and I really wanted to ride the new route. Fire it all up and my choices are, York, NYC or Watapio - Meh! So I think, maybe if I join a group ride they will be using Neokyo? so I jump on the most current event which was a small group moving at a fast pace. Not exactly the light little spin I wanted so I start to fall behind but shortly after, my trainer stops adjusting any kind of resistance.

i had slowed down to about 200-220 watts and the route leaves Titans Grove and back to the Sand and Sequois (flat) but suddenly, I'm doing 300 watts, then 400 watts, then 500, etc... i was riding at 700+ watts at one point and was whipping past the other riders! I went to number one on the sprint, increased my FTP considerably and caught back up with the main group and started to fly past them before easing up considerably on the pedals.

In the end I got the low end work out I wanted but now have a bogus FTP that I need to revert back to what it was. I can see how easy it would be to cheat if I really wanted to (which I don't). Hopefully my system is OK and it was a one off.
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