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I was in a race the other day, one of the "anti-sandbagging" races. I race in 'D'. The race starts and there's the usual split between the front group of up to 6 riders and the rest. Then one of that group just takes off. I tried to chase, but they kept getting farther ahead. I looked at their power, and it was about 6.5W/kg. And it stayed that way FOR THE WHOLE RACE. One of the riders in our little group at the front got coned - which seemed strange to me because he was behind me the whole time, and I didn't. But the one off the front, at 6.5W/kg NEVER got coned, and in the results on the Companion App, they were listed as winning.

In an anti-sandbagging race, in a category where the upper limit is supposed to be 2.5W/kg average over 20 minutes.
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