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Originally Posted by cyclezen
ouch... didn't mean to DIS you wildjim, was just wonderin what you meant...
one could say my spares are 'preglued' since they are well-serviced 'remainders'.
using sewups is a little 'ritualistic', and we all have our own little rituals, don;t we...
No problem. It's just that I seem to be repeating myself and I only wish to share some things I've learned.

I also use old wore tubular tires for spares; but that practice got me into some trouble once as the spare had a slow leak and I had to stop every mile or so and hand pump the tire to get home. Not fun. . .

I really like tubular tires and they are really no trouble or mess to mount if done properly. The main problem I see is that if you have two flats in one day then you may find yourself sewing at the road side or walking some distance.

You could also carry more than one spare but that seems impractical.

If I were totally devoted to tubular tires I would carry two spares one under the seat and one in my messenger bag. I may be talking myself into this again.

Can you tell that I seem to get my share of punctures. . .

Also good luck with your Titan. The first ride on my first Titan I used a Mavic Reflex wheelset and Continental Sprinters inflated to 110 lbs. air pressure. It was a nice ride as I still remember the ride even today.

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