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Originally Posted by big john View Post
The program we had was similar to demos which can be provided to managers. Some dealers I have worked at have a demo for each manager. They get sold after they reach about 3k miles or 3 months, usually for a discount from MSRP. The factory absorbs any loss the sales dep't. might have from selling the cars at a discount.

You're right about management being the key to the success of this stuff. Having worked at stores which were well managed to ones with almost no management at all I can see the difference in everything. The car business has the reputation of being shysters in sales and service but it doesn't have to be that way. I worked at a family run store where if there was any indication of screwing customers you were gone, immediately. I worked at another where shafting people was not only tolerated, but rewarded. And I worked at one that was like the wild west and everyone did whatever they wanted and nothing really mattered.
I keep going back to the Porsche/BMW/Volvo/Jaguar/Land Rover dealer in Fort Worth because I've never felt like they were out to get me. All of the dealings, from purchases to service, have been very transparent. I've never felt screwed, and their service prices have typically been less than the Dallas area dealers. The Dallas Porsche/Mercedes dealer fits into your second category, in my opinion. I've never had a good experience trying to buy a car at that dealer.
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