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Originally Posted by Bah Humbug View Post
Ha - can't blame you.

I am mightily fed up because my pay and title now severely lag what my boss is assigning me (and it's getting worse by the week). We can definitely get by without my income, but I'd rather have it (especially with AG trying to get established at her new job and the economy as it is). Because quitting is final, my plan is to tell my boss at my mid-year perf review (which is likely today) that I need a serious title and pay bump. If it doesn't come, then the number of effs given will dwindle towards the negatives, but I am severely unlikely to quit rather than try to force them to sever me. And if they do give me the raise (though I doubt it) that resets what the severance would be, and my salary history. If they don't... that tells me I have no future to worry about.

I did apply to a USAA job today, single-click style. Pays more, less responsibility, still remote.

That house in FC from the weekend is also motivation in the sense of showing what the marginal income from me could buy us. But we'll see.
Not sure how USAA treats its employees, but I can for sure say they treat their customers like gold. Gold, Jerry! GOLD!

We are members because my dad was in the service BITD.
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