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Originally Posted by wolfchild View Post
185 lbs to 211 lbs in one year while loosing fat at the same time by doing only cardio ??... It's very hard to believe that you gained 26 pounds of solid muscle and 4 inches on your biceps while loosing fat at the same time from only doing AirDyne bike and no other forms of resistance training. Cardio just doesn't produce those kinds of gains...I can only think of three possibilities here: You must be a genetic anomaly or you're exaggerating or maybe taking steroids... or you're just full of crap
It reminds me of the time I dropped Pantani on Alpe d'Huez back in the late 90s. I was doing a zone 2 training ride and he was struggling to keep up. I finally kicked it up to zone three for a couple of minutes to put him out of his misery and waited for him at the top.

If people are going to make stuff up, they should at least keep it within the realm of possibility.
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