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Is it your dogma or just dog poop?

Originally Posted by wolfchild View Post
185 lbs to 211 lbs in one year while loosing fat at the same time by doing only cardio ??... It's very hard to believe that you gained 26 pounds of solid muscle and 4 inches on your biceps while loosing fat at the same time from only doing AirDyne bike and no other forms of resistance training. Cardio just doesn't produce those kinds of gains...I can only think of three possibilities here: You must be a genetic anomaly or you're exaggerating or maybe taking steroids... or you're just full of crap
Muscles don't know whether they are pedaling a bike and turning wheels, pedaling and stroking the arm levers on a stationary AirDyne, pulling the oars in a floating boat or stationary rowing machine.

What muscles know is how much work they are being asked to perform and whether or not they are up to the task.

Whether or not you believe I gained those pounds of muscle from exclusively using an AirDyne is of no concern to me. I simply posted a true story. If you have access to an AirDyne, I suggest you mount up, pedal and pull until you reach 10 kiloponds (98 Newtons at a crank cadence of 75 rpm), sustain that level for fifteen minutes, then tell me you have only engaged in a cardio workout.

Just like lifting weights, you can't sustain a high level of workout on an AirDyne until you have the muscle strength and mass to do it.

As I explained before, this is Physics - - in action.
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