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Originally Posted by slowrevs View Post
Sculpting is a metaphor. If you don't understand metaphors, I can't do anything about that.

As for fat burning occurring "constantly," this is a denial of the nature of fat within the body. Fat is a reserve energy resource that doubles as a reserve water "sponge" (another metaphor).

Constant fat burning ONLY occurs in people experiencing a calorie intake deficit in comparison to the caloric expenditure of energy and body maintenance functions, plus any exercise induced calorie consumption added on top of that by either aerobic or anaerobic workouts.

People who are generally overweight and out of shape may not burn any fat at all as part of their normal metabolism. That is why they have such trouble losing weight. As long as calories in exceeds or equals calories out, the fat burning engine has no need to turn on and the body preserves the fat. The body then stores any newly eaten fat, and converts proteins eaten in excess of need to additional fat. This process arose over the eons as evolving Nature decided what processes worked best for living organisms. The process is known as "homeostasis."

Eating a lot of carbs or drinking alcohol can easily tip the scales from burn to save mode, as alcohol adds calories at the rate of 9 per gram, twice that of carbs, with zero nutritional benefits.

As for an AirDyne not providing a resistance workout, physics is physics whether you are pushing air or iron around. Over the course of one year, I went from 185 lbs. to 211 lbs., while losing two inches from my waist and adding three inches to my chest, four inches to my biceps and three inches to my thighs. During that same period of time, I spent no energy pumping iron, or sitting in a Universal Weight Machine seat.

Muscle is added when the body sees a need and sufficient protein is available in the diet to allow it. It's that simple.

LOL. My mother has a rig like that. She only added 2" to her biceps, but then she does maybe 1/2 hr/week is almost 90.
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